BossTrader Application.
This is a Solution designed and built by Sleek Konsult Limited aimed at enabling business and shop owners monitor and track Sales Activities going on in their place of business or shops from the comfort of their homes or even outside the country. It has both the Mobile and Web applications.

Tellow Mobile Application.
This application is currently on the Google Play Store. It was designed by one of the In House Developers at Sleek Konsult Limited. It makes the purchase of Mobile Phone recharge cards an easy and seamless activity from the comfort of your chair.

This Solution is also Designed and Built by Sleek Konsult Limited. It allows the business owner monitor Sales Activities and Stock Movements in various locations (States/Countries) at a particular time. It has the ability to monitor Stock movement from the Factory to the Sales Areas, then to the Sales Outlets before it finally gets to the final Consumer. Reports can be generated at any stage of the Stock Movement.