blogIf we go by the prediction that over 69% percent of mobile phones in Africa will have internet access by 2014, and Nigeria leading the mobile users’ ecosystem in Africa with over 100 million connected lines, then it is certain we will have mobile phones changing the entire economy in few years to come. This change will be so obvious and in a great way even more than I could see in 2007 when I wrote the article on the importance of mobile phones to Nigerians, how our social life, businesses, communications and every aspect of our lives has been impacted by mobile phones.

Today, this impact is deepening with new sets of mobile entrepreneurs ( like the Application developers)emerging.

Indeed speed, experience, convenience and fluidity with Mobile phones are major phenomena driving changes in Nigeria and ushering in the next level in the GSM revolution- the Mobile Innovation Era(MIE) powered by Smart phones.

Smart phones are the new personal computers in Nigeria, as they are embedded with chip sets, fast processing systems and then with features like Augmented Reality etc.

They have become a major contributor to the successes of businesses in Nigeria be it in financial inclusions, Health, Education, Entertainment, Agriculture.

Indeed smart phones have clearly emphasized the importance of a mobile phone in being personal, mobile and as one of the most important tools we cannot afford not to have at anytime, what a device! managing our lives, business and relationship!

Because of increased penetration of smart phones in Nigeria, Mobile Web has really developed, empowering Nigerians and driving social changes via the mobile social networks, and also increasing social entrepreneurship...culled from

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