Affordable, Top-notch Technology and Excellent Customer Service..

We Provide Affordable Solutions

The most efficient Applications are not necessarilly the most Expensive. We make you happy without putting a hole in your pocket!

We Stick to Stipulated Timelines

Its' best to hit an iron when its red hot, letting it get cold doubles the effort needed in hitting it to shape...our watch word!

Customer Satisfaction is Top Priority

Having you talk to someone about us with a very warm heart and a smile on your face is a sure sign that we are doing something right!

Sleek Konsuaboutult Limited is an indigenous Information Technology Company that was borne out of the desire to eradicate the bottle necks businesses and organizations encounter in the use of in house solutions deployed to standardize operations.

We design and build Solutions/Mobile Applications for the day to day running of businesses, and also Integrate our applications to already deployed In house ERPs to enable the client easily work with the Solution deployed.

Most if not all of our staff are consultants who have several years of work experience with known and not so popular Enterprise Resource Planning applications (SAP ERP, Oracle ERP, Microsoft Navigation, Open ERP, etc.). This experience is majorly what we bring to the table in our bid to ensure that our client satisfaction is optimized.